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About Jeff Emtman

My name is Jeff Emtman. I'm an artist creating true stories about belief and fear. If you'd like to know more about my motivations and back-story, read this interview. I fear the unknown, worry about the future, have night-blindness, and often am a shy person.

My best-known project is called Here Be Monsters. It's a podcast about everything I'm afraid of. In 2014, HBM received its millionth download.

I also shoot photos, make websites, do speaking engagements, and many more things. Check out the list at the top of this page for everything I'm working on right now.

In 2011, I earned a Bachelor's at Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies in Bellingham, Washington. My degree is in Social Portraiture. If that interests you, please read my concentration.

My work stems mostly from my dreams, but other things as well, like flickering florescent tube lights. Plastic wood also interests me, as does linoleum, wallpaper, and window blinds.

I can't remember names or faces, though I always say that I can remember one of the two.

I prefer interesting things over happy things, though the two aren't mutually exclusive.

Hopefully you know me a bit better now. Tell me who you are when we speak next, or contact me right now.

Previous Clients / Employers: KUOW-FM ||| KUGS-FM ||| NPR's Snap Judgment ||| Third Coast International Audio Festival ||| Union Docs ||| KCRW's Unfictional ||| Northwest Public Radio ||| Planet Magazine ||| Klipsun Magazine ||| Bellingham Herald ||| Jeopardy Magazine

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contact jeff emtman

I am available for freelance work, press appearances, consulting, speaking engagements, and evening bike rides.

Email me anytime:

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Sound Artist and Photographer
Artist working with fear and the unknown. Creator of the Here Be Monsters podcast, Neutrinowatch and the Dream Tapes Project.
Berlin, Germany